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The PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed,easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering available.Featuring an impressive 32 channels finding a clear channel, even in thebusiest of working environments is never a problem. Selective Quad-ZoneTriggering, a feature once reserved for elite photographers, adds four zonesenabling photographers to remotely trigger flash and or cameras in groups orindividually. Easy to use the unit has a large soft-touch keypad and a backlitLCD panel displays everything you need to know. All of this is presented in asleek, side-view design which reduces the viewing obstruction whileconveniently positioning all controls. The precision-tuned antenna is housedinside the case of the radio for better durability. Newly added featuresinclude Long Range Mode (LR) roughly doubling the working range Repeater Mode(RP) allowing the addition of one or more radios in between the transmittingand receiving radios.

Main features

32 Channels
With the Plus III Transceiver's 32 channels (16 Standard plus 16Quad-Zone Triggering channels), finding an open channel is easy. Photographersworking in a busy environment, including wedding halls, sports arenas or busystudios, can dial in a channel as simply as pushing a button.

Quad-Zone Triggering
Selective Quad-Zone Triggering keeps you shooting photos, not runningback and forth to your lighting or cameras. Without leaving the cameraposition, you can wirelessly activate or deactivate your remote flashes orcameras in 4 separately controllable zones: A, B, C, or D. This is ideal whenusing multiple lighting setups or turning remote cameras on and off as needed.The Plus III Transceiver is also the perfect partner for the MultiMAX® radio,which also features 32 channels and four zones.

Auto-Sensing Transceiver
With our patented Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology, the Plus IIITransceiver is one smart radio. When set to TxRx, it will instantly andintelligently switch between transmitter and receiver modes as needed forgreater flexibility on the job. The Plus III may be set to transmit (Tx) orreceive (Rx) only when needed.

Two-Stage Remote CameraTriggering
The Plus III Transceiver is the perfect solution for remote cameratriggering. The unique two-stage TEST button on the Plus III works just likethe shutter release button on your camera. Press it halfway and your remotecamera wakes up to meter and focus. Press TEST all the way to take your photo.When released, your remote camera will return to sleep mode normally; a realbattery saver. Using the right cables, you can have a remote camera follow thecamera in your hands – half press your hand-held camera's shutter release andthe remote camera meters/focuses, full press and both cameras trigger away.This feature requires a receiving Plus III, MultiMAX or FlexTT5, and ACCPre-Trigger cables.

Auto-Relay Mode
Our Auto-Sensing Transceiver technology lets you trigger a remote camerain sync with remote flashes using only 3 PocketWizard radios: the one in yourhands, a Plus III cabled to your remote camera, and the one connected to yourremote flash. The Plus III cabled to your remote camera will receive a radiosignal and trigger the camera's motor drive, then switch to transmit mode andtrigger your PocketWizard-connected remote flashes, all automatically. Startthe sequence by simply pressing the TEST button of any PocketWizard Transmitterin your hands. Remote cameras require motor drive cables.

Long Range Capability
Under ideal conditions, The Plus III Transceiver works up to 500 meters(1600 feet). Shooting environments are seldom ideal, so the Plus IIIincorporates two range extending modes for the challenges of the real world.Use Long Range Mode (LR) to nearly double the effective triggering distance inalmost any environment. In very challenging environments or extremely longworking ranges, place a Plus III in Repeater Mode (RP) between your transmitterand receiver to repeat the signal and complete the connection. These modes takea little extra time to do their jobs, so maximum X-sync may be reduced whenfiring remote flashes in LR or RP modes.

High Speed Receive
Normally, the Plus III is capable of triggering lights or cameras at asustained rate of up to 12 frames per second (FPS), a standard for PocketWizardradios. Set the Plus III to High Speed Receive Mode (HSR) and trigger at ratesup to 14.5 FPS, beyond the capability of most of today's cameras. This mode canalso help high FPS triggering compatibility for any flash.

Simple User Interface
The Plus III has an intuitive user interface where all channels, zonesand modes can be easily engaged via a soft-touch keypad, and displayed on aneasy-to-read backlit 2.5cm (1") LCD display. When you're working in darkenvironments, simply press any key other than TEST to Illuminate the LCD.

Mode & Power On/Offbutton
To turn on your Plus III, hold down the MODE/Power button for about twoseconds. Press the MODE button to select the Mode of operation you want to use.Press and hold MODE button down for a few seconds to turn the Plus III off.

Sync Speed
Ultra-fast microprocessors allow for reliable sync speeds of 1/250 forfocal plane shutters and 1/500 for leaf shutters.

Easily Connected
On your camera, the Plus III slides into the hot shoe with no cablesrequired. For your remotes, it features one do-it-all sync port. Theindustry-standard miniphone (3.5mm or 1/8") connector is much morereliable than a PC connection, so each Plus III comes complete with aminiphone-to-miniphone cable, and a miniphone-to-phono (1/4" or 6.3mm)adapter for triggering the majority of modern flashes. And it even comes with aminiphone to locking PC cable for triggering some remote speedlights, or for usingyour Plus III on-camera when you can't put it in a hot shoe. Other miniphoneconnector cables are available for major brands of lighting equipment in avariety of lengths. Dedicated remote camera triggering cables are alsoavailable for popular camera systems.

Very Compatible
The Plus III is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters andreceivers of the same frequency* including PocketWizard-enabled photo gear fromProfoto, Dynalite, Norman, Photogenic and Sekonic light meters. ThePocketWizard wireless system allows for total flexibility with whatever lightsor cameras you may be working with. (*FCC and CE PocketWizard radios operate ondifferent frequencies)

Sleek New Design
The Plus III features a durable, side profile design with anunobtrusive, internal antenna minimizing visual obstruction between you andyour subject. By utilizing an internal antenna, there’s no chance to kink orbreak it when on location. The total height of the transceiver and antenna isless than 5.25 inches, and it weighs only 4 ounces, including batteries.

On-Camera Hot ShoeMounting
The Plus III mounts facing to the side to provide a smaller profilewhile shooting. This unique mounting position enables quick Channel and Modeselection as well as easy setting of zones. No other radio triggering systemoffers this kind of positive operation.

External Power andFirmware Upgradeable
The Plus III is normally powered by two AA (IEC:LR6) batteries. For longterm remote placement, use a compatible AC adapter that plugs into the standardMini-B USB port of the Plus III. The USB port also enables future upgrades ofthe Plus III operating system.


FCC/IC model: 340.00 - 354.00 MHz
CE model: 433.42 - 434.42 MHz

32 channels
1-16 Standard Channels
17 - 32 selective Quad-Zone Triggering channels
Reverse compatible with all PocketWizard radios using Standard or QuadZone Triggering channels

A - B - C - D
Compatible with other PocketWizard radios with Quad-Zone Triggeringchannels


Precision tuned internalcoil

Backlit 2.5cm (1.0") liquid crystal display (LCD)

Up to 500 meters (1600 feet)
(actual range is dependent on multiple factors including equipment,mode, environment, positioning, orientation and interference)

Sync Speed:
Up to 1/250 for focal plane shutters
Up to 1/500 for leaf shutters

Triggering Speed:
Up to 14.5 frames per second (FPS)

Contact Time:
62 milliseconds in normal operation
2 milliseconds in High Speed Receive (HSR) Mode

Status Indicator:
LED: Green, Amber, Red status indications

Transmit Output Power:
Less than 1 milliwatt (0.001 watt)

Two (2) AA (IEC:LR6) alkaline recommended
NiMH, NiCAD, NiZn, Lithium acceptable (these chemistries may not reportbattery life accurately)
USB (optional AC adapter PW-AC-USB available)

Battery Life:
Up to 50 hours (with alkaline batteries)

Max Port Sync Voltage:
300 Volts (Camera/Flash Port)

Mac Current Handling:
1.0 A peak, 0.2 A (1/5 Amp or 200 milliamp) continuous current limited

Voltage Present:
3 volts, safe for use with all digital and film cameras

USB 2.0 Mini-B Connector

High impact plastic with captive battery door

120 grams (4 ounces) with batteries installed

Height: 13.3cm (5.25"
Width: 5.1cm (2.00")
Depth: 3.2cm (1.25")

Operating Temperature:
Above -15 degrees C (5 degrees F) and below 50 decrees C (120 degrees F)

Storage Temperature:
Above -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F) and below 85 degrees C (185 degreesF) (without batteries)

3.5mm (1/8") stereo miniphone jack, hot shoe

Hot shoe, lanyard/D-Ring loop, 1/4-20 threaded insert

In the Box:
Quick Guide
Stereo (1/8") miniphone to miniphone cable
Mono 3.5mm miniphone to locking PC cable
Stereo 3.5mm miniphone to 6.3mm (1/4") adapter
Operation reference sticker

RoHS Compliant:

Optional Accessories:
Isolation bar, trigger buttons, camera motor drive cables, PC cables andadapters, flash sync cables and protective case

Technical Info

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