PocketWizard Flex TT6 Starter Kit for Canon




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PocketWizard Flex TT6 Starter Kit for Canon

Off-camera TTL with ZoneControl

This kit includes everything you need to make full use of off-camera TTL flash. If you want one remote flash, then this kit is the ideal starting point. An additional flash can be located on top of the Mini TT1 for more control. Place the TTL or manual flashes anywhere to brighten any setting; around corners, out-of-sight and even in bright sunlight and take full control of your shoot.

For even greater control, use the included AC3 ZoneController. This will allow you to independently control the power output of up to three remote groups of lights (you can have as many lights in each group as you want) from full power down to the lowest setting.

The Mini TT1 and Flex TT6 Transceivers for Canon and AC3 ZoneController are conveniently stored in the PocketWizard Squared case for easy transportation.

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