Broncolor Pulso G Lamp Heads

Pulso G

Proven Classic


Pulso G is broncolor's bestselling lamp. And there are some good reasons for that: constant colour, light intense, robust, reliable and manually focusable. It adapts automatically to the mains voltage of the respective country and works properly with each broncolor power pack.

Pulso G is equipped with the broncolor bayonet fitting – opening up a world of high-quality accessories for maximum creativity and efficiency.

Key Features

The broncolor bayonet of Pulso G gives access to the world's widest range of light shapers. The position of the flash tube can be changed and allows fine adjustment of the reflector's light characteristics.

The compact Pulso G lamps are compatible with every broncolor power pack.

Repeatability and colour constancy of the broncolor Pulso G and its flash tube are unreached. Both are built extremely sturdy and are your most reliable partner for professional photography.

Pulso G automatically adapts to changing mains voltages when travelling.

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