PocketWizard PlusX Transceiver




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£97.20 inc.VAT

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PocketWizard PlusX Transceiver

A sophisticated radio trigger to unleash your creative capabilities

This advanced wireless transceiver features trigger time controlfunctions and transceiver capabilities such as Infinite Intervalometer, SpeedCycler and Long-Range Mode.

Take full creative control with groups of lights and cameras - the MultiMAX II enables you to control thirty-two standard channels in three separate zones and Twenty ControlTLTM channels, perfect for multiple setups and crowded venues.

Whether you are a sports, wildlife or wedding photographer, capture images as they unfold with the infinite Intervalometer that enables you to capture an infinite number of images over an infinite amount of time. You can trigger lights and cameras at a sustained rate of up to 12 fps (frames per second).

Use the Auto Relay Mode which acts as a transmitter and receiver to trigger more than one camera and flash from up to 500 meters (1600 ft) away, instantaneously in sync with the camera with zero disturbances. With the long-range mode to get 100% more range when extra distance is needed, especially for remote camera triggering to capture challenging shots in wildlife, sports and aerial photography.

Key Features

  • Manual control in three zones of remote ControlTLTM flashes
  • 32 Channels with 20 ControlTLTM channels
  • Infinite intervalometer
  • Range up to 500M with Auto Relay Mode
  • Long-range model
  • Can work up to 12 fps (frames per second)

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