Sinar P3 View Camera




This camera is perfectly suited for digital photography because its user-friendly controls allow you to adjust the perspective and focus directly on the camera. The Sinar p3-df also affords maximum flexibility, which you can also use with third-party digital backs.


Swings, tilts, shifts – with the adjustable Sinar p3-df you have full control over your images. Influence and dynamize the perspective. Set selective sharpness and blur. Get correct proportions and undistorted angles every time. Use these adjustment options directly on your view camera. This saves you from having to do time-consuming corrections and retouching on the computer, allowing you to concentrate fully on your craft.

Your Sinar p3-df can be set quickly and precisely – even in a darkened studio, thanks to the ergonomic design of all of its controls. Self-locking drives let you get exactly the camera settings you want – and keep them.

The Sinar p3-df is optimized for use with Sinar digital backs. However, adapters allow you to use third-party digital backs as well. In addition, our wide range of accessories lets you customize your Sinar p3-df according to your requirements. Our line of view camera accessories is versatile and modular to let you combine and use the parts as needed. Even older Sinar systems can be upgraded and converted. Contact your Sinar reseller for more details.