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Which Tripod Head for which

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The Cube Head

The ultimate Arca Swiss Tripod Head. Built for ultra-precise adjustments and up to the weighty challenge of large format cameras.

po arca swiss tripod head

P0 Tripod Head

Best for a light camera and lens. Ideal for taking your SLR on a walk. 

po arca swiss tripod head

P1 Tripod Head

Best for medium format cameras with rotating back, or a light 4x5 camera.

po arca swiss tripod head

D4 Tripod Head

A panoramic head that allows for individual control of the X and Y axes, best for photography with an SLR or a light 4x5" camera.

po arca swiss tripod head

Z1 Tripod Head

Best for an SLR equipped with a heavy lens in its DP version. Or a medium format or 4x5" camera (the camera must have a rotating back) in its SP version

z1 arca swiss tripod head

Z1 G+ Tripod Head

Best for a very heavy 4x5" monorail type chamber or 20x25" chamber.

po arca swiss tripod head

Which quick release should I choose: Classic, FlipLock, or MonoballFix?

Arca Swiss Tripod Heads are available with either the Classic, FlipLock or MonoballFix quick release plate. Each has their own individual advantage, find which suits your Photography workflow the best!

Classic has a screw knob that tightens the quick release jaws closed, along with a dual channel dovetail.
A great plus of the Classic is its adaptability as it can screw closed to tighten different widths of Arca style camera plates. This is a first choice if you use multiple manufacturer camera plates and L-brackets.

po arca swiss tripod head

FlipLock provides a lever locking system with a three-step unlocking process. FlipLock is the choice for professional photographers since it is very secure and won't unlock accidentally if caught on a sleeve, strap, cord, etc. FlipLock includes the dual-channel dovetail for Arca Swiss camera plates and view camera components.

arca swiss fliplock

MonoballFix is a compact quick release with a minimal design featuring a simple press to lock lever.  It is the lightest option in the group with a single channel/dovetail design. It includes two safety pins in the plate channel that prevent your camera slipping through if unlocked while tipped downward.

arca swiss monoball fix


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