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Discover what is being added to Capture One 21, so many exciting features are being introduced and a wide variety of improvements are being made. Capture One 21 will be fully released in early December 2020 so the features listed are subject to possible tweaks and changes.

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Apple M1 Support

The most recent Capture One 21 update (version 14.2.0) brings with it native support for the Apple M1! With industry-leading performance, powerful features and incredible efficiency, M1 is Apple’s first chip designed specifically for the Mac.

Many Professional Photographers know the pain of having a Mac book that has heated up to volcanic temperatures sitting on your lap, with battery life dwindling at a rapid rate as you cram to finish your edits, often with stuttering performance rates and lag on task such as masking.

Well, the M1 delivers up to 3.5x faster CPU performance, up to 6x faster GPU performance and up to 15x faster machine learning, all while enabling battery life up to 2x longer than previous-generation Macs. To top it all off, the heat management is vastly improved and the fans barley have to put any work in, keeping M1’s cool and quiet.

Speed Edit

Speed Edit allows you to edit images without having to click the sliders in the interface. When using the Speed Edit, the available Speed Edit tools have assigned keyboard shortcuts.

This enables a workflow where sliders can be adjusted in a matter of seconds without having to locate them in the interface or taking the eyes away from the image.


Customize keyboard shortcuts to tools by navigating to the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts (Edit - > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts…) and selecting the new tab ‘Speed Edit Keys’.

You can also adjust the sensitivity when using the feature in the Preferences menu under the tab General, as shown in image below.


How to use

By holding down one of the assigned keys, the tool can be adjusted in three ways:

• By scrolling the mouse wheel or track pad

• By click-dragging anywhere in the viewer a. Increase: up/right, decrease: down/left

• By hitting the keyboard arrow keys a. Increase: up/right, decrease down/left


While working with Speed Edit, a temporary slider will appear under the
image in the viewer, indicating which tool is being adjusted as well as its value.


An additional bonus feature is the ability to edit multiple variants at the same time. You can select multiple variants and use Speed Edit simultaneously on all of them. This could be used to, for example, warming up a whole set of images by increasing Kelvin equally on all the images.

Note: When using Speed Edit on multiple images simultaneously, Layers are ignored, and the adjustment will be made to the Background.


Eliminate haze and improve saturation in flat-contrast images. The new Dehaze tool will automatically analyze the image and detect where contrast and saturation are needed. Time that you would otherwise be using on manually masking the adjustments on a Layer and mixing multiple different adjustments will be cut down to allow a fast and easy workflow.

If the Dehaze tool does not show up in your workspace within the Exposure tab, you can either activate the default workspace (Window > Workspace > Default) or add it to your own workspace by right-clicking any existing tool and selecting ‘Add Tool’. 


How to use

When dragging the Amount slider in the Dehaze tool, a haze ambient color is automatically detected. If the result differs from your expectations, the picker can be used to determine another haze color which will yield a different result.

For optimal results, the haze color should be picked on a hazy area, preferably in the shade. To reset the haze color to an automatically calculated color, click the submenu of the Dehaze tool (…) and select ‘Recalculate Haze Color’.

Screenshot 2020-11-16 133014.jpg
Improved Importer

The improved importer in Capture One 21 has several different improvements:

• Picker functionality to easily make the import selection

Bigger import window with high-resolution thumbnails

• Improved terminology and descriptions of import destinations in Catalogs

• Option to select multiple folders to import from at the same time

• Option to select images directly in the Folder Browser

• First-time import requires fewer clicks

How to use

When selecting a source in the importer, it’s now possible to select a single folder, multiple folders, or the image files directly. The content of this selection shows in the importer dialog, where it’s now possible to easily pick and unpick images for import.

Click the little tick mark in the bottom right of each image, or use the following shortcuts when browsing through the images:

• P: Pick

• X: Unpick

• Spacebar: Toggle pick/unpick Only images with a tick mark will be imported, regardless of the active selection. If you plan on importing all images in the folder(s) you have selected, you can simply hit “Import All” immediately without waiting for the importer to populate.


Speed Edit

ProStandard Camera Profiles

Capture One 21 introduces a new type of camera profiles, ProStandard, that render colors more naturally. The profiles have multiple purposes:

• Better preservation of color across contrast gradients, resulting in more natural colors from shadows to highlights.

• Better transition between colors of different hues.

• Better retention of colors when applying image adjustments.

• More standardized colors across different camera models.


The new profiles are particularly suitable for portrait photography and product photography of products with saturated or otherwise challenging colors, such as orange and neon colors.

To select the ProStandard camera profile, go the Base Characteristics tool and select the new profile from the ICC Profile drop down menu. If you prefer to use this new profile as default for your camera, click the tool submenu (…) and select ‘Save as defaults for…’.


Capture One 21 provides ProStandard camera profiles for the following cameras: 


Additional ProStandard camera profiles for will be added in future releases. Please note that the current ProStandard profiles are in a beta state and will be further improved before final release.

Leica Tethering

Besides regular support for Leica S3, basic tethering* for Leica S3 and Leica SL2 is now supported in Capture One. *Live-view is currently not supported.


General User Access Improvements and Tweaks

HEIF Support

Capture One now supports 8-bit HEIF files. This format can be imported, edited, and exported to other supported formats. Exporting to HEIC as a format is not supported. Support covers Apple HEIC and other photos converted to 8-bit HEIF

Easy Brush Adjusting

It’s now possible to easily change the size, hardness, opacity, and flow of any brush by using modifier keys and a mouse / trackpad / pen. Hold down the modifier key(s) and click-drag to change the following parameters of the brush:

Improved Performance

Capture One 21 brings improved performance to different asset management tasks.


• Faster opening of Catalogs and Sessions
• Faster importing of images
• Locating offline images in Catalogs up to 4x faster
• Faster general browsing in Catalogs and Sessions


• Faster general browsing in Catalogs and Sessions
• Searching in collections now supports multi-core o 7x faster search on an 8-core CPU (scales linearly with ~90% / core)
• Trashing images and emptying trash up to 10x faster

Coloured Gradients On White Balance Sliders

It’s now easier to visualize the direction of the sliders in White Balance with colored sliders.

Enhanced Tooltips

The learning curve of Capture One has been flattened with enhanced, graphical tooltips. Hover cursor tools and tool names to see a description. If applicable to the tool, an image example, shortcut, and links to mini introduction videos and more educational material is shown in the tooltip as well.

For advanced users, these tooltips can be disabled in Preferences > General.

Note: Not all links are live and functioning.

Easy Access to Tutorials

It’s now easier to find the best tutorials for new users, as well as experienced users wanting to improve their knowledge and skills, directly in Capture One.

A new ‘Learn’ button has been added to the toolbar, opening a new section with curated tutorials for the best learning experience. If the button is missing, you can add it yourself by customizing the toolbar or reverting to the default workspace.