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Discover Capture One Features

Make fast edits to your photos with Styles – instant looks developed by leading photographers. Capture One includes 3 Style Packs. Plus, create your own or get even more looks in the Styles store.

Quickly brush edits anywhere on your photo – without manually creating a Layer. Simply select a Style Brush with your desired adjustment, and brush it over your target area. You can even create your own Style Brushes for your favourite adjustments. 

Eliminate haze and reduce flatness in your images – all in one slider. The powerful new Dehaze tool automatically adjusts contrast, saturation and other elements in flat photos.

Take total control of contrast and tone with the High Dynamic Range tool. Recover highlights, boost shadows, darken the blacks or boost the brightest areas of your photos – all in one tool.

Control luminosity and contrast with levels, RGB curve and individual channel curves for red, green and blue. Plus, use the Luma curve to adjust luminosity without affecting hue and saturation.

Review your edits in one click. Choose between the Full View and Split Screen Slider to instantly compare your edited image to the original RAW file.

Have total control and edit colors quickly by clicking anywhere on the photo and dragging to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of any color – or adjust colors with simple sliders.

Create accurate skin tones without complex retouching thanks to three Uniformity sliders for hue, saturation and lightness. Apply these as a local adjustment for maximum control.

Why Use Capture One?



Capture One is the complete image editing software solution. With powerful tools for organizing, colour grading, layer editing, and much more, you have full control of both your images and your workflow.

  • Accurate colours
  • Fast importing and exporting
  • Precise colour-editing tools
  • Reliable tethered shooting
  • Beautiful customizable interface





Constantly Evolving

With  new features such as Style Brushes, Magic Brush & Speed Edit, more adjustment possibilities, and  shortcuts for  faster workflows, Capture One 22 allows you to edit and organize photos like never before.

Powerful Toolkit

Capture One's toolkit give you everything you need to edit the world as you see it, including:

  • HDR Merging - Merge multiple images with varying exposures to create a
    singular final image with a high dynamic range that wouldn't have been 
    possible to capture in one shot.
  • Panorama Stitching  - Stitch together your images to create a wide-angle
    view of the photographed scene without losing any definition.

  •  Style Brushes - Apply adjustments to specific areas of your image without the need for layer masking. Increase exposure, add contrast and more with style brushes.
  • Magic Brush - Automatically select areas of your photo with the magic brush, adjust the brush size, opacity and tolerance to change how to brush behaves. Easily apply changes to the selected areas. 

These are just a few examples of the many features and tools available with Capture One 22.

Magic Brush.gif

Community & Support

You can get included in the Capture One community online via 
Capture One's Facebook page and the official 
Capture One Creative Lab Facebook Group to voice your opinions,
ideas and suggestions!

Capture One listen to their customers and always strive to continue making
Capture One the best it can be.

Unlimited Tutorials For An Easy Leaning Experience

There are endless tutorials provided on Capture One's Youtube channel and Capture One also comes with integrated tutorials and tooltips built-in for an even smoother learning curve.

Learning the software or just simply improving your knowledge is made as simple as possible! Just hover over cursor tools and tool names to see a description. If applicable to the tool, an image example, shortcut, and links to mini introduction videos and more educational material is shown in the tooltip as well.