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p0 Series

Arca Swiss Monoball Ball P0 with Quickset Classic Device

The Arca Swiss Monoball P0 with Classic Quick Release is an unconventional ball head built with portability, simple functionality and performance in mind. Its minimalist design is indicative of its ease of operation. The Monoball P0 has an inverted, aspheric-shaped ball. This means that as the camera is tilted further from the horizontal plane it meets increased resistance, which is desirable if you have a heavy camera or long telephoto mounted on the head. The P0's 20kg load capacity comes in a very compact package, being about the size of an average 50mm SLR lens while weighing only 400g. Turning the highly visible knurled collar on the body will lock even a large camera firmly in place; no need to fumble for the locking knob which may be out of sight. The unique design of the head has negated the need for any lubricating grease which can work against the user and produce "head creep" which can lead to your tripod and camera tipping over.

Inside the head three locking "planets" clamp firmly around the ball, applying even force on all sides. This arrangement also ensures that all camera movements are smooth in any axis. The inverted ball design provides greater stability in keeping the camera's centre of gravity closer to the centre of the ball. The p0 allows for a full 90° of tilt. Placing the head's panning system directly below the camera ensures that the panning motion is directly aligned with the camera itself and does not deviate from the same plane. The locking lever for the pan head is the only external control on the Monoball P0.

Weight: 400g
Carry capacity: 20kg

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