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p1 Series

Arca Swiss Monoball P1+ with Quick Set Device FlipLock

Monoball®p1+ now with 90 degree positioning and improved friction control.
The monoball®p1+ is the ideal tripod head for larger cameras and longer focal length lenses. Its larger ball ensures higher capacity with fluid movements.

Monoball®p1+ has a new slotted opening, allowing the head to tilt 90°. It is quick and easy to change the monoball®p1+ from horizontal to vertical camera orientation, or into positions for unusual overhead or ground views.
ARCA-SWISS has improved the friction control of the monoball®p1. The new monoball®p1+ offers the choice of more control over heavier loads, or less tension with lighter loads. These choices provide added stability and improved control for fine adjustments.

A sensitivity threshold can be set by turning the knurled wheel and memorized by turning the friction wheel. Adjust the tension for movement according to the weight and leverage load of the camera.
The monoball®p1+ has a top panning mechanism located directly under the quick release with a panning range of 360°. With a physical weight of only 545g, monoball®p1+ will carry loads up to 30kg, over 50 times its own weight.
Like all tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS, monoball®p0+ and p1+ are available with a choice of quick release: monoball®Fix, Classic and flipLock®.

ARCA-SWISS equips Classic and flipLock® quick releases with dual-channel dovetails. Classic camera plates mount in the upper dovetail, while Monoball®Fix and ARCA-SWISS camera monorails mount in the lower channel of the quick release.

Monoball®Fix quick releases are a single-channel design and only compatible with monoball®Fix camera plates and accessories, or with ARCA-SWISS camera monorail.

Weight: 585g
H x L x B: 105 x 91 x 75mm
Carry capacity: 30kg

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