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Arca Swiss QuickLink Tripod head Mount system




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Arca Swiss QuickLink Tripod head Mount system

Includes 3/8 "base +1 3/8" disc.

The QuickLink Tripod head mount system is intended to solve a problem that has been an irritation to many photographers over the years.

The system consists of a receiver which attaches to any standard photo stand. A plate is also fixed under the ball joint. This device  makes the assembly and disassembly of your ball head almost instantaneous.

Installation is simple and once installed , the components of QuickLink of ARCA -SWISS can remain in place .

This system makes it very easy to use systems from different brands on the same foot, or several different Arca-Swiss ball joints on the same foot.


Fit the QuickLink mount receiver to the top of the photo stand .
Then attach the connection plate to the base of the ball joint , using the Allen key provided .
Once the two components are mounted , engage the patella in the receiver of the tripod and rotate the locking ring knurled clockwise until it stops .
To dissociate turn the knurled ring clockwise and remove the patella .

The  head plates foot can be purchased separately for all your kneecaps .