Cambo Wide-DS 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel + Spacer T/S




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Rodenstock Digaron


DS Lenses: Rodenstock Digaron

Cambo Wide-DS Tilt/Shift 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel + Spacer

The WTS-180L Lens panel is dedicated to the use with Digital Backs and has a Rodenstock 5,6/180 HR-S Digaron lens with copal 0 shutter mounted in a helical focusing mount, with 25mm travel. This lens panel features an integrated tilt and swing mechanism which can be operated with two precise gear-driven knobs up to 5 degrees Tilt up and down and 5 degrees Swing left and right, while both swing and tilt can be set independently, separately but also in combination.
The movements have a clear and forced zero position where the parallel setting to the focal plane is guaranteed.
This version has a split back focal length, existing of a shorter lensplate and a rear extension unit.
This combination allows for more shift before vignetting from the lensbarrel.
The WTS-180L fits to all Cambo Wide cameras with SLW-adapters.
Camera Movements:
WRS-1200: Up / Down / Left / Right: 25 / 15 / 20 / 20mm
WRS-1600: Up / Down / Left / Right: 20 / 20 / 20 / 20mm


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