Arca Swiss M-Two MF




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Arca Swiss M-Two MF 

The ARCA-SWISS M-Line two camera is the "monolith" support camera for the digital photographer. The difference with his well-known sister is above all a difference in weight.

The ARCA-SWISS M-Line two mf weighs only 2465g. The weight gain was brought about, among other things, by a construction favoring "direct" adjustments. The adjustment capacities remain enormous: The frosted can be moved horizontally by 70mm. Snaps in the 0 position and at 20mm intervals help you make fine adjustments. The lens can be tilted 45 ° up or down. In the horizontal axis, the orbix metric, a legend, helps movement. Extremely precise adjustment of the Scheimpflug can be achieved through 30 °. Snaps every 3 ° also help the photographer with the maneuver.

Digital backs from all manufacturers can be mounted on this chamber. You only need the corresponding adapter plate.