Arca Swiss F-metric 6x9 View Camera




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Arca Swiss F-metric 6x9 View Camera

There are 2 important differences between the ARCA-SWISS f-Classic and the f-metric:

The first is that horizontal adjustments are made to the metric by means of a self-locking gear mechanism. During adjustment the matte rail and the lens rail are employed in a kind of dovetail association, with the perceptible result that better stability is achieved. The second is the incorporation into the frames of a vertical adjustment of a self-locking adjustment knob.

The Arca-Swiss f-metric is therefore the ideal tool for the architectural or landscape photographer.

043130 Telescopic optical bench 30 cm
052101 Front F-metric bracket
052102 Rear F-metric bracket
061010 F-metric 6x9 frame, front
061011 F-metric 6x9 frame, rear
080003 6x9 frosted frame with fresnel
integrated (direct fixing)
071000 Universal bellows 6x9, 20cm, leather
Weight of the complete device: 2.6 kg.

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