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Used Cambo Actus B6 Camera with Sony E-Mount and Hasselblad V Lens board




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Used Cambo Actus B6 Camera with Sony E-Mount and Hasselblad V Lens board

This Actus Camera is offered in A+ condition.

Have you ever wanted to use your Sony E-Mount camera with a technical camera? then this is the perfect camera for you. 

This camera comes with a Hasselblad V fit lens board, but you can purchase additional lens panels for, Large format Copal lenses, Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Canon Eos, Nikon F, Leica-R, Mamiya RZ/RB, Pentax 645 and Actar.


Actus B Camera
Sony E-Mount Camera Plate
Hasselblad V-Mount Lens Panel
Standard Actus Magnetic Bellows

Warranty - 6 Months

Expand the usability of your camera system
• View camera movement for selective sharpness
• Rear Shift movement to stitch wider angle images
• Focal plane shifts to increase file size
• Rotation Landscape/portrait built-in
• Built-in macro extension
• Use of various lens designs
• Interchangeable bellows options

Enhance your creativity with the Cambo ACTUS
• Use tilts and swings to place exact sharpness where needed
• Create selective optical unsharpness
• Use more of the image circle of your lenses
• Stitch your images without changing the lens position
• Focus closer and enlarge your subject without extension rings
• Experiment with other system lenses and medium format lenses
• Ideal for use on location, minimal size and weight

Experience the possibilities of the Cambo ACTUS
• Small size for easy portability - see image above
• Front standard offers geared tilt / swing both on-axis
• Lensplates are quickly interchangeable
• Quick slide focus adjustment rail
• Fine focus adjustment with precision gearing
• Shift movements vertical/horizontal in the focal plane
• Horizontal movements using quick sliding
• Zero clicks on all movements
• Image centred rotation from landscape to portrait
• Arca compatible monorail, direct fit to Arca compatible heads such Cambo CBH-6
• Exchangeable bayonets for Sony E-Mount, Nikon F, Canon EOS, Fuji X-series, Micro 4/3, Olympus OMD

Cambo ACTUS-B Mini Specifications

Size L / W / H:

15 x 10 x 17 cm


1000 grams

Front Swing:

360 degrees

Front Tilt:

19 degrees (+10/-9)

Rear Shift Vertical:

27mm (12/15)

Rear Shift Horizontal:

40mm (20/20)

Focus Travel:

up to 125mm (Sony E-mount)


up to 145mm (Nikon F-mount)


up to 141mm (Canon EOS-mount)


Lens plates options:

Cambo ACTAR lens series


Copal 0 and 1 (#3 on request)


Hasselblad C Bayonet


M39 Leica thread


Mamiya 645 ProTL bayonet


Mamiya RZ/RB bayonet


Pentax 645 bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)


Leica R Bayonet  (for mirror less bodies only)


Nikon-F Bayonet  (for mirror less bodies only)


Canon-EOS bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)