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Cambo Lensplate with Leica-R bayonet (black finish)





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Leica R


Actus Lens Panel: Leica R


Cambo Lensplate with Leica-R bayonet (black finish)
This lensplate allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Leica R bayonet, in combination with the ACTUS view camera.


The finish of the ACB-LR plate matches the ACTUS-B version.
The practical use of lenses may be limited to those that can move freely in front of the bayonet of the used camera body.
The ACB-LR only works with mirrorless camera bodies for setting at infinity (and closer).
See also our product configurator.

total height 130 mm
width 97 mm
weight 120 gram
aperture control on the lens

Technical Info

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