WRX-1002 - Compendium For Phase One XT




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WRX-1002 - Compendium For Phase One XT

The WRX-1002 Compendium is the ideal shading device for the Phase One XT cameras.

This compendium can easily be rotated -while mounted- from landscape to portrait shading position and features a self supporting bellows that can be accommodated to the correct extension, offering enough shading without vignetting. Adjustable positioning and one-knob fixation of the front bellows allow for quick and easy lens changes.

Initial mounting the WRX-1002 Compendium to a Phase One XT body is easy, just replacing the original tripod mount block with 2 screws. After that, the bars and compendium unit can be mounted and removed with one knob, for the ease of transportation.

This replacement block also offers the Arca compatible tripod mount.



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