Cambo Interchangeable Bayonet kit incl. GFX100 bayonet (for Actus-G)




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Cambo Interchangeable Bayonet kit incl. GFX100 bayonet (for Actus-G)

This AC-795 Bayonet Holder is an optional accessory for the ACTUS-G series and allows the mounting of a FUJIFILM GFX100 mirrorless camera body to the interchangeable top part of the rear standard of the ACTUS-G base.

The bayonet holder with the Fujifilm GFX-100 bayonet is placed on longer distance from the optics to allow room for the increased body dimensions of the GFX-100 body.
Because of that, there may be limitations with some optics. The Actar-60 is known not to focus at infinity anymore with this particular interface kit.

Alternatively, the GFX-100 can be mounted to the existing AC-792 kit unchanged, although only in portrait mode without rotation to landscape.

Cambo ACB-795 Specifications

This adapter includes a built-in rotation between landscape and portrait position.

Bayonet: Fujifilm GFX

Internal Rotation:
90 degrees between Landscape and Portrait
Raiser block front standard
30mm high, included with the kit (+ longer screws)

*Fuji GX100, Actus Body and Lens not included

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