Cambo Upgrade Ultima to Actus-XL(for use with GFX camera body)




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£995.35 inc.VAT

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Cambo Upgrade Ultima to Actus-XL (for use with GFX camera body)

This package contains:

  • ACXL-960 front mount for Actus lens panels
  • ACXL-966 rear mount with Fujifilm GFX bayonet
  • AC-214  300 mm extension bellows

You only have to add an Actus lens plate to complete the total set up.


Upgrade your existing Cambo Ultima with this conversion package to accept a Fujifilm-GFX 50s and take advantage of the features that make the ACTUS so different from other platforms.

Just replace the front and rear frames with these new parts and you can mount all Actus lens panels on the front standard and a Fujifilm GFX 50s to the rear standard and connect both with the included bellows AC-214 with 250mm extension, matching the Ultima's monorail length of 30cm.

When changing the rear upright to an ACXL-965 bayonet holder, all Actus camera bayonets can be used on the rear standard, like on the Actus-Mini.

The front lens panel mount block ACXL-960 has also been prepared to use the Ultima compendium UL-343.

The rear bayonet mount ACXL-966 has the same rotating capability as the Actus, where you can rotate the camera body in a fraction of a second from landscape to portrait position without removing the camera nor the bellows.

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