Cambo Redwing Standard Light Boom 2.9m (9.5') with empty bags




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£577.50 inc.VAT

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Cambo Redwing Standard Light Boom 2.9m (9.5')  with empty bags

Specifications Standard Boom  
overall size assembled: 2.9m (9.5')  
standard reach: 1.8m  (6') with default 46cm (18") extension (included)
weight:   7 Kg (16 lbs) 
includes: 2 EMPTY counterweight bags 

The Quickest and Easiest-Handling Booms You'll Ever Use

Light Booms
Featuring a parallelogram design that makes it easy to precisely raise or lower your light source without changing the angle of light in relation to your subject.

Added control features:

Head extension at the end of the boom offers rotation up to 360 unlimited light angle & directional control.
All angle movements are controlled by a convenient handle at the pivot point.

The sliding counterweight system adjusts for different sizes of lights and boxes. Once the balance is set for your light source, there is no need to lock the boom into position - raise or lower the light to the height required and let go. The boom stays put without locking clamping or cranking

Each stand is supplied with an empty counterweight bag and additional bags are available for use with heavier lights and control devices.

The minimised length of the counterweight section makes this the perfect boom for smaller studios. The boom assembles in less than five minutes and requires no tools.

Also available with Filled Counterweight bags
(as RD-1201)

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