Cambo Wide-RS 105 mm Macro-Digaron HR Lenspanel Aperture only (No Shutter)




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£8,572.50 inc.VAT

£7,143.75 ex.VAT

Cambo Wide-RS  105 mm Macro-Digaron HR Lenspanel Aperture only (No Shutter)

The WRA-5105 is a lens dedicated to the Cambo WRS/WRC in combination with a digital back with built-in Electronic Shutter. This lens is permanently attached to a WRS lens panel and has a focal length of 105 mm. This makes it an ideal companion for dedicated studio and primairily macro photography.


Cambo’s WRA-5105 is based on the Rodenstock HR-Macro lens with a focal length of 105mm. It is optimised for maginifications between 1:4 and 4:1, with a floating element for the best performance at the set magnification.

The design of this lens is build of 8 elements in 4 groups.

Please note that the aperture is manual and there are no electronical connections available nor needed. This lens has no shutter.

focal length


aperture range

f 5,6 - 16  (manual)

lens construction

8 elements/ 4 groups - 1 floating group


multi coating

front filter thread


size L x W x H

125 x 80 x 107 (includes WRE-panel)


780 gram

image circle

82 mm

build for

Cambo WRC / WRS

works in combination with

Digital Backs with built-in E-Shutter

available since

March 2018