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Arca Swiss MonoballFix universal L-shaped rapid plate 2 bases




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Type: Plates

Arca Swiss MonoballFix universal L-shaped rapid plate 2 bases

L-Brackets allow the device to be adjusted horizontally and vertically without moving the optical centre. You switch very quickly from one plate position to another . This is particularly interesting in architecture, where one thus passes from the horizontal aiming to the vertical aiming without changing point of view. This is also very interesting with very heavy telephoto lenses, since it allows the centre of gravity of the camera/lens system to always be placed just above the head of the kneecap, ensuring smooth movements and limiting tendencies to the ball. tilting.

It is very quick and easy to remove the vertical arm from the -Bracket leaving only the base plate that connects the -Bracket to the base of the camera. vertical arm can be used with different devices If you are using a tripod and the -Bracket and suddenly want to work by hand the device can be released within seconds. In addition , all cameras (monorail or R series cameras) can be attached to the vices without requiring an additional plate.

It also has other advantages:
- The Monoballfix L-shaped plate is sufficiently dimensioned to clear any cable connections and will therefore be very useful in the studio.
- It will thus also facilitate battery changes without removing the device ( especially if the latter is itself mounted on a long plate).
- It will naturally serve as a carrying handle.

Many professional photographers leave it permanently on their camera.

This plate is the most universal of all the L-studs we present.