ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube cp (clicPan®) flipLock® (incl. leather bag)




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£1,926.00 inc.VAT

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ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube cp (clicPan®) flipLock® (incl. leather

clicPan® heads can be used in free movement mode for simple shots, and its easily-activated step-by-step mode, when the nodal point is set, allows a series of shots to be taken at precise, pre-defined
angular steps to facilitate the post-production assembly of images.
Leveling of the camera is performed directly on the head: little need to bother with the tripod—a great
advantage, especially on uneven ground. Once leveled, the clicPan® panning bases allow near-perfect
horizontal rotation of the camera.

Ergonomy and ease of use
The desired angular steps are set using a rotating ring which offers 10 different rotational steps of 40°,
30°, 24°, 20°, 15°, 12°, 10°, 7.5°, and 6°, plus an off position for 360° free movement.
When panning the camera, the clicPan® stops with an audible click at each angular step. This
physical and audible feedback eases rapid operation—for example when taking a series of shots

Finesse, lightness, and stability
The clicPan® panning base adds only 60g and barely 10mm extra thickness when compared to a
standard head yet enables a progression from simple to panoramic photography using the same tripod

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