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Used Sinar Sinaron Digital f4,0 80mm DB Lens 5x4




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Sinar Sinaron Digital 80mm f4 P2 DB Rodenstock f=80mm f/4 lensIn full working order and very good condition.



This digital Sinaron lens is in excellent shape, with only light signs of use. The glass is superb - it's clean, clear and unscratched, and free of haze and fungus. The aperture and blades are clean and free of oil, and move correctly when the stop-down mechanism is engaged. As with any used lens, there may be a couple of minor specks of dust internally, but nothing that would affect image quality in any way. Tested and giving excellent results.
Designed to fit the Sinar 5x4 system which includes the Sinar P, P2 and F Cameras.
The lens requires a Shutter Control system, these include;

Sinar Auto-Aperture Shutter (Manual Copal)
SinarCam 1 (Leaf Volare)
SinarCam 2 (Sinarback)
Sinar Expolux Shutter (Electronic for Film)

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