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Ex Demo Sinar P3-DF Camera - Un Cased

12 months warranty

Sinar p3-df - view camera with Digital Focus

Be it photography for products, still life or advertising – with our flagship camera you have a tool in hand that enables creative work with sublime image quality. This camera is perfectly suited for digital photography because its user-friendly controls allow you to adjust the perspective and focus directly on the camera. The Sinar p3-df also affords maximum flexibility, which you can also use with third-party digital backs.

You define the image
Swings, tilts, shifts – with the adjustable Sinar p3-df you have full control over your images. Influence and dynamize the perspective. Set selective sharpness and blur. Get correct proportions and undistorted angles every time. Use these adjustment options directly on your view camera. This saves you from having to do time-consuming corrections and retouching on the computer, allowing you to concentrate fully on your craft.

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