Used Phase One IQ2 60 Digital Back Phase One / M645AF Fit




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Used Phase One IQ2 60 Digital Back Phase One / M645AF Fit Full-frame 645

Warranty: 6 Months

Condition: Excellent 

This IQ260 Medium Format Digital back is offered in excellent working condition. Just very light signs of use.Comes complete with all-new accessories, and offers a considerable saving on normal CPO.

Actuations: 54132

1 x Phase One branded pelicase


1 x RCI-M padded zip case with IQ back and foam insert

1 x Phase one IQ2 60 in M645 mount s/n GK001606 with the metal sensor cover
1 x EVA soft shell case IQ Digital Back
2 x IQ Battery
1 x Capture One Licence card

1 x RCM-M padded zip case containing 3 x EVA soft shell cases

  1. Power
    Hahnel cube dual charger
    Power lead and adapters
  2. Cables
    1 x 3m USB III A to B
    1 x 4.5m Firewire 800 to 800
    1 x 8-pin multi-connector to lens sync (Long)
    1 x Visible dust sensor cleaning kit
  3. Accessories
    1 x QP Card 101
    1 x Phase one lens cloth
    1 x M645 XF Full-frame crop mask
    1 x LCC calibration plate
  4. 1 x San disk ImageMate PRO multi-card reader/writer

In the lid of the case
1 x Laptop foldable sunshade
1 x set padded case dividers
1 x set Phase One Velcro labels (28)