Used Broncolor P70 Standard Reflector




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Used Broncolor P70 Standard Reflector

The slightly textured open reflectors are characterised by homogeneous light distribution, although a controlled centre emphasis can be achieved using focusable broncolor lamps. The light angle of each open reflector is apparent from its model designation, optical attachments (such as projection attachment) offer a variable coverage angle.

Maximizes output
Joule does not equal joule - the right reflector is essential. The perfect parabolic shape of the P70 standard reflector ensures, that all of your light arrives, where you need it.

Perfect light
The carefully designed structure of a P70 reflector always provides perfect illumination - from very even to centre-focused. Your choice.
The base for a whole system
Barn doors, colour filters, diffusers and 5 different grids - with all its accessories your P70 reflector offers you much more than just standard light.
Location work, rough transportation, heat. The sturdy aluminium-built reflector makes everything with you.

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