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Arca-Swiss Rm3di Camera

A concentrate of innovation, the ARCA-SWISS Rm3di precision device has vertical and lateral AIP (All In Plane) shifts with a self-locking rack. The ultra-precise focusing mechanism and integrated lens mount pivot, so that a simple rotation of the assembly allows Scheimpflug correction to be achieved both horizontally and vertically.

The handles of the device are made of a new material, which is very durable and guarantees a good grip, while their shape allows you to quickly switch from portrait to landscape format without having to adjust the viewfinder or the back. Taking freehand photographs with the correct perspective has never been so comfortable and efficient! In addition to the focus matte, images can be viewed using an innovative zoom viewfinder system, devoid of any stray images, which is suitable for focal lengths from 23 to 250 mm. Light points located in the viewfinder indicate, according to their number, the necessary shift of the camera: one point corresponds to a shift of 5 mm. The viewfinder also contains a depth of field indicator for the corresponding focal lengths.

The precision of the focusing mechanism allows reproducibility to within 15 microns. The focus system of the device is equipped with a standard electronic sensor, placed in the helical adjustment. Combined with the additional e-module , the user thus directly visualizes in meters the distance set on the device, while the module also indicates a suggested focusing distance, the depth of field for 4 diaphragms, as well as the focus. level of the device. With the ARCA-SWISS R lens mount and the large diameter of its bayonet, the choice of optics no longer knows any limit. In addition, the ARCA-SWISS Rm3di can use digital backs up to 60 mpx and analog backs up to 6x9cm format.

Like all cameras in the R range, the ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is equipped with integrated mounts for a wide range of uses: for the viewfinder and the tripod, for mounting a bellows for the realization of a large assembly , for long focal lengths and macro lenses. In addition, the device can be used upside down on a tripod without any accessories.

The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di can be used with the ROTASLIDE sliding back adapter without affecting the focal plane, as the lenses come with a mount that includes a removable ring when using the back.

The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is also compatible with all components of the F/M ranges of the ARCA SWISS system, such as the binocular viewfinder , the compendium and the bellows , as well as other accessories to further expand functionality and creativity. of the ARCASWISS Rm3di. The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di thus exceeds the capabilities and accuracy of all previous devices.

The ARCA-SWISS Rm3di is robust, compact and so light that photographing on location or while traveling is no longer a tedious task, but on the contrary becomes a real creative pleasure.

A design award for ARCA-SWISS: The Rm3d won the Red Dot design award, one of the most prestigious international distinction.

Dimensions with handles:
Length 185 mm, Height 200 mm, Depth 40 mm
Weight: 1150 g
Format up to 6X9 cm (film or digital)
Offset on X axis 30 mm (15/15)
Offset on Y axis 40 mm (30/10)
Tilt 10° +- 5°
Helicoidal ramp: 12.5 mm
Arca-Swiss viewfinder 120° vario-viewfinder with masks
Lens mounting: Arcs-Swiss R bayonet
Focal length range in hand: 23- 210 mm
Focal length range with Kit-Bellows: 55-300 mm
Adapter for digital back:
Contax 645 , Hasselblad V/H , Mamiya 645 AFI , HY6
Adapter for film back: Arca-Swiss, Horseman, Mamiya RB
Integrated mount for tripod, viewfinder and optical bench.
Rear connection: Arca-Swiss 110X110 mm

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