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Arca-Swiss RL3di Camera

the Arca RL3DI has undergone an overall facelift with additional shift possibilities and the integration of a new focus and tilt module.

The RL3DI offers - like all R-line cameras - self-locking shift in the film plane, independence of x and y movements, as well as a rocker mechanism for ruler application. of Scheimpflug.

Focusing with unequalled precision is coupled with an integrated electronic sensor. The RL3DI uses the same bayonet mount as the other R-line cameras.

The RL3di can work with all digital formats as well as film formats up to 4x5", with great ease.
Intelligent and ergonomic, the devices of the R-line series surpass all devices in the world in terms of precision and functional possibilities.The Rl3di is the Rm3d factum but for the 4x5" cheese; it takes on the characteristics of its younger brother.

The principle of this device is to play on universality: we can mount medium format digital backs on it as well as we can use 4x5 film plans. Using the device is simple and the Rl3di is light enough to even be held freehand.

The large format allows large horizontal and vertical shifts to be made, which are very useful in architecture or in cases of image juxtaposition (stitching), provided of course that the back is circulated under lenses with a large image circle ( telephoto lenses or classic film camera lenses lend themselves well). This device is therefore ideally suited to panorama photographers who will be able to take giant photographs.

The Rl3D comes with the body, an international back with a frosted and a Fresnel.

Offset in X: 40 mm (20/20)
Y offset: 50 mm (10/40)
Rockers in Y and in X ±5°
Back adapters: Contax 645, Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645, AFI, HY6
Weight: 1500g
Dimensions with handles:
Length 225mm, Height 230mm, Depth 40mm
Format up to 4x5"
Arca-Swiss variofinder 120° viewfinder with masks
Lens mounting: Arcs-Swiss R bayonet
Focal length range in hand: 23-210mm
Range focal lengths with Kit-Bellows: 55-300mm
Integrated mounting for the tripod, viewfinder and optical bench
Connection at the back: Arca-Swiss 110X110 mm by reduction adapter (20003) or 4x5". Digital back adapter :
Contax 645 , Hasselblad V/H, Mamiya 645 1F1, HY6 Film
back adapter: Arca-Swiss, Horseman, Mamiya RB

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