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Phase One IQ2 60 Achromatic Digital back in M645/XF mount Back only (CPO)


Phase One



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(Certified Pre-Owned), Please ring for availability and promotional pricing

The first full-frame purely monchrome sensors from Phase One, featuring 13 f-stops of dynamic range, uninterperlated images and new innovative wireless technology ISO 200 to 3200.

Each piece of Certified Pre-Owned equipment has gone through a rigorous 9-step certification process to ensure the highest standards of performance and quality. Everything is shipped in like-new condition, including new packaging, and all accompanying accessories. Every Certified Pre-Owned component comes with a full 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Modular design has always been a part of the Phase One philosophy. Whether you are looking for a back with fewer features to match your budget, or adding an extra back to your camera bag for the occasional application, the Phase One IQ1 range of Digital Backs, remains a current and supported member of the Phase One family.

Available in  50MP, 60MP, 80MP and 60MP Achromatic,  CPO IQ2 Digital Backs are compatible with the XF Camera System. Hasselblad H with H4X, Contax 645 in Contax mount and Hasselblad V mount with 500 series cameras

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