Cambo ACMV-IQ KIT ACTUS-MV Camerabody + ACDB-990 IQ-back mount + ACDB-254




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£4,913.30 inc.VAT

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Cambo ACMV-IQ KIT  ACTUS-MV Camerabody + ACDB-990 IQ-back mount + ACDB-254

The Actus-MV base is supplied with an ACDB-990 digital back adapter and ACDB-254 bellows. The set-up for use with digital backs featuring the Phase One/Mamiya interface. Adapter ACDB-990 has an integrated rotation from landscape to portrait orientation.

Contents of the KIT:

  • ACTUS-MV Base
  • ACDB-254  Bellows
  • ACMV-990  Rotating IQ digital back mount

Note: Lenses are optional and not part of this kit.
Digital backs not included

Cambo ACTUS-MV Specifications
  • Tilt                15º / 15º  front and rear
  • Swing        30º / 30º  front
  • Rise/Fall        15mm/15mm front and rear
  • Side Shift        20mm/20mm front and rear
  • Weight        2.8 kg (frames included)
  • Max. extension (standard rail and bellows)
  •                 298mm (2x 70mm geared / 158mm telescopic)
    Note: Max. extension is measured from lens mount to bayonet mount.
    Note: The distance from Bayonet to Sensor is different for each camera model series and can be added to the max. extension

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