Bowens BW1024 ECO Halostar 205w / 240v Clear Modeling Lamp




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Bowens BW1024 ECO Halostar 205w / 240v Modelling Lamp 

Bowens Eco Halostar modeling lamp.  205w in clear glass. 

The 205w ECO bulb has the same light output as the original 250W but with 45w less energy wasted.

Replacement bulb for Bowens Gemini 200Rx, Gemini 400Rx ,Gemini 500R, Gemini 500Pro, Gemini 750Pro and discontinued range: Gemini GM200, Gemini GM400, Gemini 250 Classic, Gemini 500 Classic, Bowens Esprit 125, Esprit 200 Esprit 250, Esprit 500 and  Esprit 750

Bowens part number Bowens BW-1024.
Length: 105mm 

Diameter: 33mm
Lamp life: 2000 hours 
Watts: 205w
Voltage: 240v


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