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Arca Swiss Cube head with Quickset Classic Device




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Cube Tripod Head


Type: Cube Tripod Head

Arca Swiss Cube head with Quickset Classic Device

The Arca Swiss Cube is without question the most highly developed and most precise tripods head on the market. 

This head is perfect for those looking to shoot landscape, still life and architectural photography, as it allows users to place and adjust their heavy cameras with incredible ease and accuracy.
The C1 Cube is operated in the tilt and pitch planes by calibrated, geared mechanisms which are operated by the photographer through the thumb dials; enabling positioning of the head with unrivalled precision.

The design features two panoramic axes: One on the base and a second, calibrated axis on top of the head, so your camera can be panned on a precisely horizontal plane – handy for stitched panoramic shots!

Facilitating loads of up to 25kg, the Arca Swiss Cube is fantastic for heavy, large format cameras. This small yet sturdy tripod cube head is a must-have in any professional Photographer's arsenal!

Height: 110mm


Style:Panoramic Tilt and Shift

Max Carry Capacity: 25kg