Used Swingbox Modular Workstation with wheels




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Used Swingbox Modular Workstation with wheels

The Swingbox Modular Workstation is probably the best-made modular workstation that was ever built.

Designed and built in Bern, Switzerland, the manufacturer of these workstations did not know the meaning of compromise when it came to build quality!

This version comes with 4 shelves, 2 multi-purpose shelves and a Monitor and keyboard module and a side shelf.

The shelves can be adjusted to any height where you see a bolt hole, In our images, we have set it up for standing operation, but it can just as easily be adjusted for a sitting position.

The side shelf can be fitted on the inside or outside on the left or right at any height.

The Keyboard shelf glides smoothly in and out and is big enough for any size keyboard and mouse combo. 
There is a metal barrier at the front of the keyboard shelf, this prevents the keyboard or any other items from accidentally falling off. It is held on by 5 screws underneath and can be removed if you find it gets in the way.

Each main shelf has a hole in the back right-hand side for cable management and a removable mesh tube is provided to contain the cables in a tidy manner.

The large 10cm rubberised Wheels allow you to move the Swingboxaround the studio smoothly and silently.

There are minor marks chips and scratches, but this workstation is in remarkably good condition and will give the user many, many years of trouble-free use.

One of the bolt holes on the left inside upright frames has become detached and it is no longer possible to remove the bolt. 


 Height cmWidth cmDepth cm
Shelves 7863.5
Keyboard Shelf 77.539
Side Shelf 3554

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