Used Sinar 54M Digital Back




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Condition: A+

Used Sinar 54M Digital Back


In excellent condition, this second-hand Sinarback uses a 22mp Kodak sensor and only tethers via Firewire 400 into Sinar Captureshop software. It is not supported in the newer Sinar software, Captureflow. This Kodak KAF-22000 sensor is the same as the Phase One H25 & P25/P25+, Hasselblad CF22, and Imacon [V]132C. It can, with the appropriate adapter be used on most medium and large format systems and is capable of outstanding results. ISO 25-400

The sensor and IR filter are clean and scratch-free.

It comes with the sensor reference files on a USB stick. Serial number is 27.1284

This product is in full working order, though as Sinar no longer supports or repairs these digital backs, is sold with 30 days warranty.

This back only works with CaptureShop Mac software.

Sold with a 30 day warranty.

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