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Ex Demo Sinarback eXact with Sinar P3 Adapter



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Ex-Demo Sinarback eXact with Sinar P3 Adapter

This Powerful digital back is offered in exceptional condition! only used in our demo suite!

Offered with 12 months Warranty

The Sinarback eXact opens up a whole range of possibilities for you – use it flexibly in any studio situation, from packshots to high-end photography.

With this digital back, you can create multi-shot photography with 4 or 16 shots, allowing you to get the resolution of up to 192 megapixels! In addition, the Sinarback eXact has a built-in downscaling function. That means, if required, you can also take photographs at low resolutions of 12 or 24 megapixels. With one digital back, you are ready for all applications.

A CCD or CMOS sensor will only be sensitive to coloured light if the sensor has color filters. Sinarbacks are equipped with a so-called Bayer filter:

Therefore, a single pixel on the sensor is only sensitive to red light, green light, or blue light. However, every pixel of an image contains the color information for all three color channels: red, green, and blue. This means that the missing color information is calculated from the surrounding pixels - that is, interpolated. This process is called a one-shot or single-shot capture.

The Sinar multishot capture, however, moves the entire sensor one pixel at a time, four times. Thus, for each individual pixel, the complete color information Green, Red, Green, and Blue (GRGB) is captured with 4x48 MP
Our Multi-shot Sinarbacks are designed for reliable studio work. We avoid electronic components like displays, batteries and internal memory as they can produce heat that causes colour noise. The dual cooling of the sensor secures consistently high-quality photography, even over long shootings.

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