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Used Capital 1° Spot Exposure Meter




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Used Capital 1° Spot Exposure Meter

Comes with
Capital Sp-1 Spot Meter
Detachable Wrist Strap
Original Box

Requires: 1x 9v PP3 Alkaline Battery

The Model SP- I Spot meter is a professional exposure meter which measure an extremely narrow angle of illumination. With 1° spot, the Spot meter reads a perfect exposure, enabling you to measure the key areas of the subject you are photographing. The meter's viewfinder contains a small circular mark, allowing you to pinpoint the exact area where a light reading is desired.

This is extremely valuable when metering unapproachable subjects or in situations where conventional light meters tend to give inaccurate readings (i.e. when photographing subjects in bright sunlight on a beach or against a snowy background).

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