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Ex-Demo Hasselblad X1D Camera Body (silver) 12 months warranty!




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Ex-Demo Hasselblad X1D Camera Body
This camera has only been used in our demonstration suite, and is offered in immaculate condition.

We are offering the same 12 months warranty as a new camera for peace of mind.

Kit includes
Hasselblad X1D Camera Body (Silver)
Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery 3200 mAh
Hasselblad Battery Charger BCX-1
Hasselblad Shoulder Strap
Hasselblad GPS Module (unused)
Body Cap
32Gb Sandisk Extreme SD Card
USB Stick with Manual
Original Box and Instructions

Latest firmware install v 1.20.1

Like the iconic V System, the X1D-50c seamlessly combines portability with excellent optical quality for which the brand is renowned. Hasselblad has ingeniously introduced mirrorless technology to digital medium format for the first time ever, creating a precision performance camera that can sit in the palm of your hand. The 50MP CMOS sensor captures the finest details with true natural colours.

50MP CMOS Sensor
The X1D houses Hasselblad's class leading 43.8 x 32.9mm 50MP CMOS Sensor. This large sensor is capable of delivering up to 14 stops of dynamic range at a vivid 16-bit colour depth. Versatility is assured by the X1D's extended ISO range of 100 to 25600, a shutter speed range of 60 minutes to 1/2000th second and with flash synchronisation at all speeds. Combine all this with Hasselblad's Natural Colour Solution technology and you have a camera capable of producing images of breathtaking clarity, colour, depth and detail in almost any environment.
Compact Light-Weight Design
By opting for a mirrorless design, Hasselblad were able to take their 50MP CMOS sensor and pack it into a footprint smaller than most full frame 35mm cameras. For the very first time, photographers have a camera that is no larger than a small format rangefinder, but offers the quality that only Hasselblad medium format can give. The deep and comfortable handgrip beautifully complements the slender body, creating a camera like no other.
The X1D-50c weighs just 725g including the battery and just 1344g when combined with the new XCD90 Lens - that is not far off half the weight of the Hasselblad H6D-50C, which when combined with the HC80 lens weighs in at 2115g.
Quality Interface
The X1D’s high-resolution rear LCD (3.0 inch TFT with 24 bit colour, 920K pixels) offers touch control for all aspects of the camera’s features. The elegant icon-based user interface speeds access to customisation options along with intuitive playback functions such as swipe and pinch to zoom. The camera also boasts an XGA 2.4MP electronic viewfinder for bright, crisp viewing even under difficult lighting conditions.
New XCD Lens Range
To enhance the entirely new camera design we have produced a new range of autofocus lenses specifically engineered to match the high resolution capability of the X1D. The superb new XCD lenses deliver edge-to-edge sharpness in a compact form to elegantly match the slim build of the body. Existing H System users also have the flexibility to use their lenses with the X1D by means of an optional adapter.
Dual SD Card Slots
For maximum flexibility the X1D boasts dual SD card slots, allowing the user a number of options when shooting. Images can either be saved to both cards simultaneously, shoot to the second card when the first is full, or RAW images can be saved on one card, while JPEGs are saved to the other.
Versatile Connectivity
The USB 3.0 Type-C connector offers state-of-the-art connectivity along with blisteringly fast transfer speeds. Built-in high speed Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to preview your shots and even control the camera wirelessly using Phocus Mobile on an iOS device. Geotagging of images is handled by the X1D’s built-in GPS module.
Hasselblad X1D-50c Key Features
Compact, lightweight (725g), highly portable and user-friendly medium format technology
Large 50MP CMOS medium format sensor delivering up to 14 stops of dynamic range
New line of XCD lenses with integral central shutter; 45mm and 90mm available at launch
Compatible with all 12 lenses and lens accessories from the Hasselblad professional H System (adapter required)
Multiple image format options
High quality XGA electronic viewfinder or high resolution rear display with touch functionality
Wide range of shutter speeds: 60 minutes to 1/2000th sec. with full flash synchronisation throughout the range
An ISO range from 100 to 25,600
Dual SD card slots, GPS and Wi-Fi
USB 3.0 Type-C connector, Mini HDMI, Audio In/Out
Weather and dust sealings
HD video
Phocus 3.1 for simple and quick raw image processing. Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® compatible.


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