Used Cambo Ultima-D 35 Camera 26cm Monorail, ULBC-35 Canon EOS fit Bellows and L-Bracket




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£1,680.00 inc.VAT

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Used Cambo Ultima-D 35 Camera 26cm Monorail, ULBC-35 Canon EOS fit Bellows, Mount and L-Bracket

Condition:  Mint

This used Cambo Ultima-D 35  is in mint condition and in full working order.

Suitable for Canon EOS 5D Mk 1 & 2, and 7D

Comes complete with
Cambo Ultima-D 35 front bearer and frame
Cambo Ultima-D 35 Rear Bearer with Canon EOS L-Bracket
Cambo ULBC-35 Bellows with Canon EOS fit 

The Ultima-D can be upgraded to Actus-XL, which opens the camera up to many more camera platforms, just add one of the Ultima to Actus XL Upgrade Kits

This combination (the Ultima 35 and the Canon EOS 5D, EOS-1Ds) gives the photographer the flexibility to shoot with all of the intended movements of a view camera as well as the ability to take the 35mm DSLR on location and use its "regular" lenses.
The Ultima 35 places the sensor exactly in the optical axis vertically, horizontally, and front-to-back. Any rear movement, whether swing, tilt, or shift keeps the focal plane on the axis and in focus.
The camera as a standard kit will allow the DSLR to be mounted in a horizontal position.  with the added L-bracket to mount the DSLR in a vertical position. 

Sold with a 6-month warranty.

  • Size  190 x 175mm (W x H) incl. handgrips and tripod mount
  • Lightweight only 1.2 kgs (excl. lens)
  • Horizontal shift 45 mm (22.5 mm left/22.5 mm right)
  • Vertical shift 40 mm (25mm / 15mm)

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