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Used Broncolor Pulso G 3200 Flash Head




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Used Broncolor Pulso G 3200 Flash Head

Offered in perfect working condition

Warranty: 6 months (exludes glassware)


1x Pulso G 3200 Head

1x 3200J Clear Flash Tube

1x 650w Modelling Bulb

1x Colour Corrected Dome 5500k

1x Head Cap

- corresponding emission characteristics of flash tube and modelling light
- can be equipped with 1600 J or 3200 J flash tube
- plug-in flash tube and protecting glass (with mechanical safety device)
- front focusing device
- quick release bracket
- automatic locking mechanism of the light shaper (rotatable 360°)
- integrated tilt head with locking lever for an optimal breaking effect
- integrated umbrella holder
- cooling fan and thermal protection
- automatic adaptation to the respective mains power supply (after exchange of the halogen modelling lamp)


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