Used Broncolor Move Pack 1200J with Battery, Charger and bags



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Used Broncolor Move Pack 1200J with Battery, Charger and bags

Offered in excellent condition - 6 Months Warranty (excludes Battery)

1 Move 1200 L power pack
1 Rechargeable lithium battery
1 Battery charger
1 Mains cable (UK 3 pin)
1 Move 1200 L protective bag
1 Bag for Move's rechargeable battery

Move 1200 L is a lightweight athlete. With 1200 joules output, two lamp connections and a flash energy control range of 9 f-stops, you are prepared for any photographic task, anywhere.

With a size no bigger than a camera bag and a weight of 6 kg (13 lbs), Move 1200 L is the perfect companion for outdoor shoots. Paired with the broncolor MobiLED lamp, the robust Move provides you also with continuous daylight.

In combination with the RFS 2.2 transmitter, you can use the Move power pack with extremely fast shutter speeds – thanks to the HS function.

Battery endurance

From a single battery charge, you get at least 170 flashes at full power. For every f-stop of power reduction, the number of flashes that you get doubles!

Impressive speed

Move recycles to full power in less than two seconds. A flash can be as short as 1/8500 s (t 0.1). Recharging an empty battery takes you only 90 minutes. The HS mode on the Move allows you to shoot with extremely short shutter speeds (flash power level 6 to 10).


The power adjustment of the two independent channels is very intuitive - just as the rest of the wide range of functions.

Outstanding light quality

broncolor's patented ECTC* technology, which adapts flash voltage and flash duration to each other, ensures a constant colour temperature over the entire variation range and from flash to flash.

*Enhanced Colour Temperature Control

  • broncolor HS function (for shortest shutter speed)
  • flash energy: 1200 J
  • f-stop (2m): 64 1/10 (with MobiLED)
  • flash duration up to 1/20000 s (t 0.5), 1/8500 s (t 0.1)
  • charging time: 0.02 – 1.9 s
  • 2 outlets with flash cut-off and ECTC technology
  • power distribution symmetrical and individually asymmetrical
  • control range of 9 f-stops

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