Used Broncolor Unilite 3200J Head




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Used Broncolor Unilite 3200J Head

Condition: A+
Just very minor marks on the casing.

This UniliteG 3200J Flash Head is offered in almost perfect condition. Just very minor marks on the casing.
The flash tube has no signs of Sputter, Ablation or discolouration which indicates that the flash tube is either new or has had very little use.
The protective dome is NEW and n perfect condition no cracks or discolouration.
The Modelling bulb is brand new.
The Cable and plug are in excellent condition

Unilite 3200J Flash Head
Transit Cap

Warranty: 6 months (excludes all glassware)

Unilite is broncolor's most compact standard lamp. It is compatible with every broncolor power pack and the Pulso bayonet carries all light shapers. It opens up a world of unlimited creativity and efficiency.

Unilite works with a high-end flash tube that is extremely accurate regarding colour constancy and repeatability - all the way from 3 to 3200 joules. Additionally, it adapts automatically to the mains voltage of the respective country.

Unilite is entirely designed, assembled and tested in Switzerland.



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