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Used KaptureGroup One Shot Capture Cable


Arca Swiss


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Used KaptureGroup 1 Shot Capture Cable

Offered in excellent condition A+

Warranty: 3 months

This Capture cable was designed to work with the Phase One P/P+ and IQ (not IQ4) backs as well as the MamiyaLeaf Credo backs.

When using any of the above backs in normal mode with a technical camera and copal lens, the back must be woken up first before the lens is actuated. With the Phase One solution you need 2 cables the first cable has a wake up button which must be pressed, before plunging the lens release cable, this is not the most convenient way of shooting.

The One Shot Cable combines the wake up and lens release into 1 unit. So when you depress the lens release plunger, it wakes up the digital back at the same time.

This cable is extremely rare, so don't hesitate!







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