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Used Arca Swiss R-Line Schneider Digitar XL f5,6/35mm Lens


Arca Swiss


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Used Arca Swiss R-Line Schneider Digitar f5,6/35mm Lens

Offered in excellent condition A+

This Schneider 35mm digital lens is mounted in the the R-Line helical mount, specially designed for use with the Arca Swiss Rm2d, Rm3d and RL3d range of cameras.

It is comes with Metal Mask and depth of Field Barrrel for the Variofinder and a depth of field chart.

This lens can be removed from the current mount and re-mounted on any other Copal 0 panel for other cameras such as Sinar P3, Linhof Techno, Cambo, Arca Swiss F or M line etc...



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