Used ARCA-SWISS M -monolith 6x9, orbix® micrometric




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ARCA-SWISS M -monolith 6x9, orbix® micrometric

This camera is offered in excellent working and aesthetic condition.
All the gears work smoothly and the spirit bubbles are good and true.

Anti-nutation system in the 3 axes („tri-axial yaw free“)

It was the ARCA-SWISS M -monolith chamber that introduced anti-nutation in the 3 axes in 1987. Until then, the chambers only partially corrected this defect. Since the recent release of the orbix system, this interesting feature is no longer reserved for top-of-the-range models since all ARCA-SWISS chambers without exceptions can be equipped, even those already in circulation.

Definition of the orbix movement:

the lens (whatever it is) moves in the centre of a circle perpendicular to the base of the frame and is located above the horizontal tilt axis.

018100 M-monolith 6x9
043130 Telescopic optical bench 30 cm
055000 Support M -monolith front
055001 Support M -monolith rear
063003 Frame M -monolith 6x9, front with orbix rocker
063002 Frame M -monolith 6x9 rear
071000 Bellows 6x9, universal, 20cm, leather - For focal lengths 55 to 150 mm

Vertical offset +/- 35mm
Horizontal offset +/- 50mm
Horizontal and vertical tilt 45°

Weight 4.2kg

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