Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller Black or Orange




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Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller Black or Orange

The TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller alleviates a common problem amongst USB 3.0 camera and digital back users who are experiencing dropped tethering connections or are unable to get a tethered connection started at all. These challenges are affecting some of the most popular cameras on the market, including USB 3.0 cameras from Nikon, Canon, Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, and Pentax.

The core issue is that computer manufacturers, often in an attempt to be as efficient with power as possible, are either under-powering or dynamically powering their USB 3.0 ports. These manufacturers are not currently considering the unique needs of photographers and this is causing these connectivity issues.

The TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller conditions the line and regulates the power from DSLR/Digital Backs to the computer, eliminating these limitations and allowing your tethered connection to operate up to full USB3 speeds for tethering connections from 15 to 65 feet without any loss in signal. The TetherBoost Pro also features the TrueConnect LED indicator which ensures signal connectivity between a photographer’s DSLR, Mirrorless or Digital Back camera, and a computer. 

To operate correctly the Tetherboost must be connected to either a mains supply (with 13amp UK plug supplied) or to an external battery.


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