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Now you can control your Sinar eShutter autonomously, without the need for a computer.
We are pleased and proud to present you the Sinar eControl. The Sinar eControl is the successor of the renowned SinareShutter Control that was introduced in 2012.
Any lens from Sinar, Rodenstock, Schneider, or other party that is equipped with an eShutter or eShutter 250, can becontrolled by the Sinar eControl without a computer.
Thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery, the Sinar eControl, together with theSinar eShutter, can now fully replace the mechanicalCopal Shutter, which is no longer being manufactured.
Yes, with the Sinar eControl and lenses with an eShutter, architecture, landscape, or studio captures now can alsobe taken independently of the availability of mains poweror a computer.

When connected, the lens is automatically recognized andindicated on the display. Thanks to the transflective LCD display,all information can easily be read also in bright daylightconditions. The desired aperture and exposure time
are quickly set by means of a control wheel (turn and click). For image control with the live image, the shutter is openedand closed at a push of a dedicated button. Similarly, if necessary,the aperture can be switched from working apertureto full open and vice versa just by pushing a second button.
The respective status of aperture and shutter are shown on the display.
When everything is set, the capture is taken by pushing the release button on the Sinar eControl. And to prevent undesiredsurprises the battery charge is constantly monitoredand displayed.

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