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Sinarback S 30|45

The Mobile Digital Back

Don’t want to forego reliable Sinar quality with its superior image either in the studio or on location? The new Sinarback S 30|45 was specially designed for mobile use. A high-resolution 3-inch display guarantees a perfect preview of images in every situation and displays a live image – and you even have the option of viewing images or shooting from an iPad. A CF and SD memory card slot ensures a reliable workflow when you’re shooting on location. The back can be tethered via USB 3.0 and utilizes CaptureFlow software. Designed to work with all our view cameras, the S 30|45 digital back is ideal for shooting landscape photography with the Sinar lanTec and Cambo W RS

Built-in Video Option
This digital back can do more than just take pictures. The Leica CMOS image sensor and a Leica Maestro II image processor also provide the option of shooting video, both Cine 4K and Full HD formats are available. That puts this Sinarback in a class by itself, rendering it uniquely suited for shooting photos and video and opening up completely new horizons of creativity and efficiency for photographers.
Direct WLAN control
You can connect an iPad directly to the new Sinarback S 30|45. This lets you see the live image directly or view shots already saved. You can also zoom, rate images and select camerafunctions from the app. As well as release the shutter. Having this option untethers you, makes camera operation intuitive and provides an optimized workflow with full control over the process.

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