Schneider 4X5.65 Grand NDSE 0.3




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Schneider 4X5.65 Grand NDSE 0.3

Schneider Optics 4x5.65 Neutral Density (ND) Grad Soft Edge (SE) .3 Filter (p/n 68-050555). This is a Graduated Neutral Density Filter used for Cinematography. 50% of the filter is clear and 50% has a Neutral Density of 0.3 (1 stop). The transition from clear to ND is done with a SOFT EDGE (SE) transition line. SOFT EDGE grads lines are used with wide angle and normal focal length lenses. Graduated Neutral Density filters are used to balance exposure within a scene. One very common use is to balance the exposure of sky and earth in a landscape, avoiding overexposed blank white skies.

Size4x5.65 inches

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