Profoto Compatible Pyrex Dome 80mm 5500k Frosted ProHead, Pro-B Head, Acute/D4 Head




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Profoto Compatible Pyrex Dome 80mm -300K Frosted ProHead, Pro-B Head, Acute/D4 Head

Phoxene dome compatible with Profoto D4, Pro-B, Acute, and ProHeads. This dome is colour corrected 5500k and frosted. Height: 80mm

Why are these domes a bit taller than original ones?
In fact, while talking with some of our customers, we realized that, on some flash heads, the domes are very close to the top of the flash tubes (for example on Twin heads) or to some 500W modeling lamp. Thus, adding a few millimeters between the top of the dome and these very hot components can help increase the lifespan of all these components, and avoid darkening of the dome. Furthermore, it helps in inserting and removing the dome with fewer risks to break the tube and/or the lamp.

PROFOTO COMPATIBLE DOME A reliable and affordable alternative to branded domes, Peartree are now able to provide compatible flash tubes and domes for all top branded lighting systems at an amazing price. For the best colour results: - 6000K flash tubes should be used in combination with -500K color corrected domes. - 5500K flash tubes should be used in combination with clear domes. Disclaimer The brand-names mentioned in our documents are trademarks of their respective companies. None of them are affiliated with Peartree in any way, nor do they endorse Peartree products. When Peartree offers compatible parts, the word "compatible" means that Peartree parts will work with the mentioned equipment. Peartree parts can be different from the original ones and may generate a different effect. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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